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I've been collecting oral histories for years, passing the microphone to family members, interesting storytellers, and a variety of people who have unique perspectives to share. This website is an opportunity to share some of these stories with a wider audience.

For the past two and a half years I've been working on an oral history of Bisbee, Arizona for which I recorded 89 people, mostly residents of Bisbee. I have edited their stories into an audio book called "A People's History of Bisbee", that is available for purchase through this website and locations throughout Bisbee.

Listen to selected chapters from "A People's History of Bisbee" by clicking on BISBEE in the menu bar.


My Newest Interviews - Local Food

Food For Thought

The Bisbee Farmer's Market: Meet some interesting people and learn what's up with local food.

Animal Agriculture: Some meat producers who sell at our farmers' market ranch in a more old fashioned & natural way. This means better health for communities, local economies & ourselves. 

A Rancher's Story

Organic meat producer Dennis Moroney & his wife, Deb, raise sheep & cattle in the Sulphur Springs Valley in Cochise County, Arizona, practicing a kind of ranching that aims to harmonize with the environment. They value the connection with their customers at the farmers' markets where they sell their Sky Island brand organic meats. 

Learn about life on this southern Arizona ranch where an ancient strain of Criollo cattle and the diligent dung beetle are important partners in ranching with nature.


I will be re-editing a variety of stories I've recorded over the years and posting them here from time to time.   

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New Interviews..... Local Food

Food For Thought - The Bisbee Farmers' Market & Animal Agriculture.

A Rancher's Story - Dennis Moroney on ranching in Cochise County.

A People's History Of Bisbee

A People's History Of Bisbee is now for sale on this website. To order your copy, click on "Purchase" at the top of this page.

Bonus Material

Under the "Bisbee" menu. New interviews and stories.

Mining Today


Famous Artists Of Bisbee

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talking stick

First Nations people of the Pacific Northwest created the talking stick as both a symbol of a leader's authority and as an instrument of democracy, passing around a carved staff in a group to ensure that each person holding the staff had their chance to be heard.

I see the microphone as a kind of talking stick, allowing  people to record their ideas & personal stories for others to hear.